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Custom Solutions for IT Outsourcing & BPO

RAINBOW SOFTECH™ knows that every business is different, every business leader is different, and every market is different – so we take our time to learn all about your organization and its unique needs. 

This is not a one-size-fits-all activity; therefore, we follow several steps to prepare your custom outsourcing plan/proposal:

  1. Listening to your company’s goals and dreams for growth
  2. Listening to your strategic initiatives and ideas for expanded products & services
  3. Listening to your observations about your current information technology/administrative processes
  4. Listening to your operational challenges
  5. Discussing your current metrics vs. your ideal metrics
  6. Crunching your numbers (business data analytics consulting)
  7. Carefully crafting your custom plan – our proposal for improving your metrics through outsourcing

You may have noticed the word “listening” appears most often in the steps above. This is intentional because we learn more from listening than we do from talking, which means the more we listen, the more effective your outsourcing plan will be.

Because we take the time to get an accurate picture of your operation, we can confidently present an effective outsourcing plan for your organization.