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Free Yourself from Record-Keeping Headaches

Outsourcing Your Document Management Systems

No matter the size of your business, you can’t escape keeping records of – well – everything; and if you are like many business leaders,  record-keeping is a constant challenge. Outsourcing your document management systems (DMS) can prevent loss or damage to your valuable files, and it may be easier and less costly than you think!

Documents Are Critical to Your Organization's Success

Your records may be in various formats such as paper, electronic, microfilm, or microfiche. 

There may be documents you cannot operate without, or files that are require a high level of confidentiality and security.

What if you had a fire or flood in your file storage area?

What if electronic documents stored on your main computer became corrupted or inaccessible due to a ransomware attack?

Guide to Outsourcing Document Management Systems - Records are Critical to Your Business

Here is some of the vital information that would be disastrous to lose:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Financial transactions
  • Tax returns and supporting documentation
  • Legal contracts and detailed documentation to protect the company in a dispute
  • Human resource records detailing hiring, termination, performance reviews, disciplinary action, and grievances/complaints
  • Customer service interactions and product/service history 
  • Sales lead database, sales funnel status updates, and customer conversion details

Avoid Disorganized File Sharing & Storage

Guide to Outsourcing Document Management Systems - Avoid Disorganized Files

Anyone who has worked with a group of people is probably familiar with the many ways a physical document management system can go wrong. It starts with a file room that everyone has access to and no one in particular has responsibility for.

One worker pulls a file and it gets mixed with some active files and placed in their desk drawer. Another worker looks for it, assumes the file has not been created yet, and dutifully creates a new file.

When the employee with the original file finds it in their desk, they return it to the file room – unaware that 3 other workers are adding documentation to the second file.

This could be the scenario, or it could be a record mis-filed in the wrong part of the record room. Then there is the classic – coffee is spilled on a file and it sits for a few hours, while the coffee eats away at the text on the pages. Or someone takes a file home with them and the baby vomits on it, or a well-meaning family member clears off the table by throwing away the clutter.

Without a centralized system with one individual directing the flow of documents, you can easily end up in a legal dispute – with no trace of the documentation that would save you a lot of time and money.

Summary of This Article - Outsourcing Document Management Systems (DMS)

  • Documents are the life-blood of your business
  • Hard-copy records can be lost or damaged
  • Converting paper to digital can be time-consuming
  • Even a digital DMS must be actively maintained and monitored
  • Hire a BPO to organize, convert, and manage your filing system
  • Keep your data secure and easy to locate
  • The cost may be lower than having in-house workers manage your files
  • Outsourcing may be your best option, as long as you choose the right BPO firm

Hire an Experienced Team to Manage Your Files

Here are some ways DMS professionals keep your records safe and easily retrievable:

  • Convert paper records to digital with full accuracy verification and validation
  • Employ good quality control procedures for your Document Control System (DCS)
  • Maintain and protect the database with regular backups and security protocols
  • Follow your record retention requirements
  • Distribute documents according to your guidelines
  • Collect and register images such as drawings and blueprints
  • Manage version control for shared documents
  • Create document templates as needed

Professional Data Engineering for Your Valuable Records

Don’t leave the security and availability of your business data to chance. An experienced, virtual team can help ensure that your files are secure and easy to locate. 

The added bonus: File sharing and version control systems that are easy for your in-house employees to use, monitored and managed remotely. This leaves you and your in-house team free to do what you do best – and leave the nuts and bolts of document control to your BPO company.

Ready to Get Started Outsourcing Your Document Management Systems?

Guide to Outsourcing Document Management Systems - Hire a Top BPO Firm

Speak With an Expert About Your File System Goals.

At RAINBOW SOFTECH™ we have the expertise to help get your records under control, and keep them that way. Let’s talk!

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Outsourcing Document Management May Save You Money