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Outsource Your Data Entry & Verification Processes

Your Guide to Electronic Data Entry Outsourcing

Data entry outsourcing with QC (quality controls) is a very popular service, and with good reason: Data is the lifeblood of your organization and it must be safe and secure, dependable and reliable. 

Read on to learn how data entry outsourcing experts can help protect your most precious asset so records are easy to retrieve when needed.

Basics of Data Entry & Quality Control

Data entry is defined as a clerical function that uses keyboarding or voice dictation to add information to an electronic (computerized) database. 

But this is not the whole story.

The most important part of the process less about the typing and more about checking the data for errors, verifying accuracy, authenticating and validating the information, and conducting flawless data mapping.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is defined as a clerical function that uses keyboarding or voice dictation to add information to an electronic (computerized) database. 

But this is not the whole story.

The most important part of the process less about the typing and more about checking the data for errors, verifying accuracy, authenticating and validating the information, and conducting flawless data mapping.

What is Data Entry With QC?

Data Entry With QC is the overall process of confirming that data has been validated, verified, and authenticated, as well as mapping the data and addressing errors

More Quality Control Terminology

These terms are used to describe various aspects of ensuring the accuracy of information entered:

Guide to Data Entry Outsourcing With QC - Data Verification
  •  Data Verification means checking to be sure the new data entered accurately reflect the original information; in other words, making sure there are no differences between the two
  • Data Authentication is a process of confirming that only verified data from authorized sources are accepted into the database
  • Data Validation is simply confirming that the data fit properly in the database and that required information is not missing; for example, not accepting an address if the post code has too many characters

Where Does Your Data Come From?

When we speak with you about your outsourcing needs, the first question we usually ask is this: Who currently handles data entry and transcription for your organization?

If you are a typical business, your answer will likely be something like this: Information is typed into the database by many people, from employees to vendors to customers/users. 

This is the way it should be – users enter the information needed to provide them with goods and services, and employees add notes and other entries to document order processing or customer service encounters. 

Data entry occurs all day, every day – a little data here, a little data there. But who handles data entry for a mega-project such as creating a product catalog or transferring data from several years’ worth of un-scannable log books to a digital database?

If you are thinking about trying to handle such a project in-house, read on to see how third-party outsourcing may be your best solution. You should expect fast data entry and meticulous QC with minimal disruption to your operation – and potentially huge savings in labor costs.

Challenges of Handling a Data Entry Project In-House

The following sections describe some of the challenges you may face if you try to tackle a big data entry project with your existing staff. We recommend that you carefully weigh your options and do some what-if strategic planning before you make a final decision.

Just to state the obvious: Top data entry outsourcing firms can give you fast turnaround – much faster than your in-house workers can complete you project in addition to their regular duties.

The Financial Impact of Absorbing a Special Data Entry Project

Here are a few of the ways an in-house data entry project can increase your costs:

  • The person designated as “project manager” should be a manager-level person devoted to the project
  • The project manager must be hands-on overseeing the project, at the expense of day-to-day operations
  • Overtime pay to complete the project increases your labor costs
  • An increase in your absenteeism rate due to employee dissatisfaction will likely raise labor costs
  • Discovery of uncaught errors may trigger another project to re-validate the data
  • Engaging a data expert to sort it out may be more costly than if you had outsourced the entire project
  • The silent killer – the opportunity cost of lost customers/sales due to operational disruptions

The Effect on Workers Asked to Pitch In on a One-Off Data Entry Project

Most employees who use a computer enter business data, in addition to their many other duties. 

But they are not accustomed to or trained for entering information for hours, or days, or even weeks on end.

 These are some of the issues that may arise:

  • The repetitive work may become tedious and mind-numbing for those unaccustomed to it
  • Their work station may not be ergonomically suited to long hours of keyboarding
  • Stress may increase as workers worry about the day-to-day work falling behind
  • Resentment may develop towards someone perceived to the cause of the “extra work”
  • Even the most punctual team members may start to have attendance issues
  • The worst-case scenario – a valued employee resigns rather than deal with the project

Quality Concerns When Existing Staff Work on a Data Entry Project

Looking at the list of possible effects on workers, it is not surprising that accuracy and quality may suffer. Here are some relevant facts to keep in mind:

Guide to Data Entry Outsourcing With QC - Challenges of Managing Project In House
  • People unaccustomed to repetitive data entry are more prone to errors
  • Unhappy or overwhelmed individuals are more likely to make mistakes
  • Once errors are entered and accepted, it is very difficult to find and correct them
  • There must be a robust system of data authentication and accuracy verification
  • Without validation and verification, your data may be unreliable and of little value in making sound business decisions 

Data Entry Specialists - Knowledge & Skills

Compare the in-house project scenario described above with the services of experienced professionals provided by an outsourcing firm that specializes in data entry.

Profile of a Well-Trained Data Entry Professional

Employees involved in large data entry projects typically have the following skills:

  • Typing data from a paper record to a computerized database as text or numeric values
  • Updating electronic data records accurately
  • Carry out data validation & verification for electronic entries made
  • Sorting and filing original paper records after their electronic counterparts are entered and verified
  • Converting paper documents to digital by scanning, microfilming, and other tools
  • Applying specialized QC strategies to scanned records to verify accuracy and completeness
  • Setting up your preferred document management system or creating spreadsheet tracking tools
  • Organizing and storing data according to your specifications

Data Entry Project Manager Responsibilities

These are the tasks the project manager of a data entry project must perform to deliver top-quality data entry services:

  • Manage database, network, and system access granted to employees
  • Supervise workers performing data entry
  • Act swiftly when an employee calls off for their shift
  • Create frequent, regular backups to protect data
  • Conduct extensive data audits using various data analysis software tools
  • Monitor progress and initiate process improvements as needed
  • Regular reporting on progress and accuracy statistics to the organization’s leadership

Benefits of Data Entry With QC Outsourcing

Whether you have a large, one-off project or an ongoing need for regular data entry and transcription services, outsourcing may be the right option for your organization.

Outsourcing a One-Time Data Entry/Transcription Project

After our discussion of the challenges of handling data entry projects in house, you can likely guess some of the benefits, although some may surprise you.

Here are some reasons you should consider data entry outsourcing with QC to a specialized, top BPO company:

Data Entry Outsourcing with QC - Trained Professionals
  •  An IT BPO that is recognized as a top provider of data entry services has overcome the challenges – so you don’t need to!
  •  Highly-trained BPO personnel, dedicated to inputting accurate data, are perfectly suited to your project
  •  Outsourcing allows you to continue business as usual – without the disruptions of a project
  •  When you turn over the project to a third party, you also turn over the management issues; the BPO provides the staff
  • The BPO provides data entry remotely and conducts quality control activities 
  • The BPO can also provide database administration for the duration of the project or ongoing

Ongoing Transcription & Data Entry Outsourcing

If your business generates a lot of data entry work, you should look at outsourcing all or most of it to a third-party BPO. Here are some facts about ongoing data entry outsourcing:

  • You can free up the staff that currently performs data entry to focus on strategic growth initiatives
  • Your BPO hires, trains, and manages the staff who are doing your data entry
  • You can reduce staff through attrition and save the money and headaches related to employing, managing, and providing space for data entry clerks
  • A trusted IT BPO not only does the data entry, but they also carry out data quality control activities
  • You should expect timely data entry with demonstrated accuracy verification from your BPO
  • If you outsource to India, we are fluent in English and we work while you sleep to update your data – fast!

Still Have Questions? Speak With an Expert

Guide to Data Entry Outsourcing With QC - Hiring a BPO May Be the Best Move

If you are ready to streamline your data entry and transcription processes to a BPO, now is the time to book a call with one of the experts at RAINBOW SOFTECH™If you are unsure if outsourcing is right for your organization, we can help!

Suresh and Murthy have been in the IT outsourcing business for over 15 years, providing superior data entry outsourcing with QC. They are ready to brainstorm with you about your operational needs and goals for future growth, so contact them now!

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