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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Top IT Outsourcing Company

Welcome to RAINBOW SOFTECH™, top IT outsourcing company in India. We specialize in information technology and work with our full-service sister company,, to offer a single source for comprehensive business process outsourcing (BPO).

In other words, you do not need to manage multiple contracts to piece together your outsourcing initiatives. What’s more – our custom solutions are tailored to your organization’s needs so you will never again be asked to settle for a pre-packaged BPO plan.

Experience Matters

About the Company

RAINBOW SOFTECH™ was founded in 2008 by Suresh Rao and Murthy Rao – brothers and partners. Although we started out with a small, local computer business, and we are now recognized as a top business process outsourcing (BPO) firm.

OUR PASSION: Providing full-service outsourcing with a special emphasis on information technology services.

THE MISSION: To support global trade and collaboration by streamlining routine – and often costly – business processes so organizations can focus on their own mission and goals.  

Top Outsourcing Company in India - Founders Suresh & Murthy Rao

SERVICE GOALS: To provide the best possible service and deliverables for each client’s organization

ETHICAL STANDARDS: To be reliable, honest, transparent, and to provide professional consultation to recommend only the services that will enhance your success – not a high-pressure up-sell campaign for services you don’t need.

These commitments mean we do everything we can to give our clients the outcomes they envision to help them to grow their organizations, which it is what keeps us at the top of our industry. 

With 15 years’ experience creating customized solutions for IT and administrative outsourcing, your business processes couldn’t be in better hands.

Our Approach

Custom Planning for Custom Solutions

Top Outsourcing Company in India Custom Solutions

At RAINBOW SOFTECH™ we spend quality time learning about your company and its unique IT and administrative business processes.

The steps we take to ensure you get an effective, affordable outsourcing solution involve a lot of listening and data analysis, not lecturing about what we think you need.

You are in the driver’s seat, and we serve as your navigator to get you to organizational growth and increased revenue.

Testimonials About RAINBOW SOFTECH™

Why Clients Trust This Top IT Outsourcing Company in India

Dale Nordenberg, MD, Chief Executive Officer

“Login Services is our regular go-to agency for all things related to data entry and quality. They have done many jobs for us and are incredibly fast with turnaround and with very high quality...

Their team communication skills are excellent, and they are always patient and helpful... Login Services is a great business partner.”

- Dale Nordenberg, MD, Chief Executive Officer

Beth Day, Allegiant Anesthesia

“[The] Login Services team is very proficient and provides excellent service to our company. They have been a wonderful asset to our team.”

- Beth Day, HR Administrator & Accountant
at Allegiant Anesthesia

Tod McDonald, Valid 8 Financial

Login Services provides high-quality work and remains a go-to partner for the client. Their communication skills are strong and they hit budgets and deadlines. Along with excelling in communication, they also excel in execution.

- Tod McDonald, Founder & CPA
Valid 8 Financial

Ian Brodie, Grovia

“Login services provides lead contact discovery at scale. They are professional, fast, and have become a key partner in our solution delivery. I would highly recommend”

- Ian Brodie, Chief Executive Officer

Nick Loui, Peakmetrics

Delivered services as expected and on-time. Good quality of work and would work with again. Thanks!

- Nick Loui, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Eric Timbro, The Millard Group

“The Login Services team has expanded their skillset in their time they’ve been working with my myself and my team. They are fast and accurate in their work and haven’t turned down a project that I have offered to them. They’ve been great and we are going to continue to utilize them as a top notch Consultant!”

- Eric Timbro, Information Management Team Lead
The Millard Group

Kerry Gumas, Metacomet Systems

"Excellent, accurate and very rapid work, successfully completed on an important database project. Login Services team is very fast, responsive, communicates well and I could not be more satisfied with the work product on this important aspect of the project for our client."

- Kerry Gumas, Chief Executive Officer
Metacomet Systems

Elchanan-Schulgasser, Torah Day School of Atlanta

"Spectacular work in VERY speedy order. Login Team made me look like a real hero the next morning with my staff (the job was done while I was sleeping, between 1 am and 6 am!). I am very grateful and look forward to working with again and again."

- Elchanan-Schulgasser, Director of Operations
Torah Day School of Atlanta

Steven Mandelbaum, Education Advisory Board

"Absolutely fantastic job. Will definitely use again."

- Steven Mandelbaum, VP Business Solutions
Education Advisory Board

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